Hi, I'm Rogin Kim. I'm a comic. I explore what's on my mind and talk to interesting people. I like movies, mental health, and marijuana. The alliteration is coincidental, but the laughs are not.

Comedian and director, Bronston Jones (@bronstonjones) joins me this episode to talk about film, comedy and life. He’s been hosting a comedy show at the Venice Underground every week on Wed nights for the past eight years. Check out his show and his podcast, I YAM WHAT I YAM.

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Ben Herwitz (@ben_herwitz) has assured me that he is Jewish, so everything he says in the podcast is Kosher. 5000 years of tradition stand behind his words, and I am proud to provide a platform for him to spread his message of hate, in order to fulfill my dream of becoming deplatformed, and the getting on Rogan! Rogin on Rogan. Anyway, much like this description, we find out very little about Ben, but we do have  a great conversation about the current state of our culture- pop, political, entertainment, just about every possible field that we are completely unqualified to talk about.

Check out Ben’s podcasts-

Alienate the Audience

Hating on Everything

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00:00 Pauly Shore  

00:55 My path from filmmaking to standup 

03:00 my life is a giant loan*

03:30 my goal with the podcast and mental health

04:00 most open micers are bad people*

05:00 Robyn is on pills making a killing on Stern

05:30 Artie Lange is a highly functioning junkie

08:40 The best podcasts have a famous person

09:20 Milo Stephanopolous on Legion of Skanks

11:00 Milo and Jordan Peterson

12:00 Ben Herwitz is a Jew*

13:30 People parrot everything

15:00 Outrage culture and Trump

18:00 Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein

22:00 Ghislaine Maxwell and the backdoor protocol

23:15 Closeted people are incredibly busy*

24:30 California is mostly Republican Mexicans

25:30 Gay Mexican Republican is so punk rock*

27:00 The alt-right doesn’t exist, MDE, Sam Hyde

29:00 Defending comedy

29:30 Trump’s gonna win

30:15 Fascism in the US

31:45 Trump is a war criminal because of Yemen

34:00 Chinese vs American foreign policy

41:30 My dad is a classic boomer, Boomers will take all the health care*

44:00 Andrew Yang, UBI, Americans are economically vulnerable

45:20 The cost of war from Vietnam*

47:30 Praising victimhood because we’re guilty, Louis CK

48:30 Judd Apatow has a MeToo*

49:45 Child acting is child abuse*

52:40 How dangerous is Louis CK?

59:00 the price to pay for fame

1:00:30 Trump has given us the blueprint for winning*

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It's Episode 100!

We start off with a special guest lecture from Dr. Rogin B Peterson, who is best known for his controversial stance on nonbinary lobsters. 

Then it's regular ol’ Rogin talking about regular Rogin things. Mostly, he's wrestling with the ghosts of adolescence in the form of an old acquaintance who approached him for comedy advice and then turned on him with politics. Dude, I’m either tapping out of national politics, or I’m going to blowtorch these crack rocks down to the glass. Oh no, am I a Russian bot? 

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00:00 Dr. Rogin B Peterson*

01:00 Democrats are comin

01:45 Politics is killing it

02:00 If you read the whole Mueller Report*

03:00 Comics knew Trump was gonna win

03:45 Tapping out of national politics

04:00 There’s no crying in journalism*

05:00 I should kill myself too, join me*

06:00 Russian bots

07:00 Getting messaged by high school friend about starting comedy

10:00 Standup comedy is not about friends*

15:00 Friend suddenly Mueller and OLC

16:30 Linked him to a Jimmy Dore

17:00 Things media has been wrong about*

18:00 Cognitive dissonance of Russiagate

20:00 Passive aggressive and no sources

21:00 Aaron Mate is not a lizard person

22:20 Trusting mainstream media is dumb

23:40 Calling out passive aggressive discourse through logic

26:00 Critical thinking is dead because of materialism*

26:00 Blue text bubble*

27:30 Tulsi Gabbard, anti-war Russian bot

28:44 guilt by association is an ad hominem attack* 

29:30 You’ll miss out on my ethnic cleansing*


#russia #mueller #tulsi #fakenews #election2020 #jimmydore #aaronmate #trump #dnc #russiagate #jordanpeterson #poitics #logic #discourse #facebook #friendship #passiveaggressive #kimcast #roginkim #media #journalism #fallacy

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Mitchell Lamar (@imitchelllamar) joins me this episode to talk about his role as a guide to the spirit realm while inadvertently revealing top secret Air Force secrets that the Russians could use against you just like your FaceApp data. The integrity of his soul is put to the test by the Devil, and many truths revealed.

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00:00 The perfect meal

01:00 Mitchell’s intro

03:15 Starbucks DMV cup-based identity*

05:30 LA’s history of residential segregation

07:00 Deciding to enlist the Air Force

08:30 Leaving your parents is part of the American myth+

12:30 Air Force IT tech was just button pushing


17:00 SERE training

19:00 Leaving the service is like a bad break up

19:30 Evil Mitchell

21:00 Infinite realities of the multiverse

22:30 Happiness between lottery winners and amputees

25:30 American Sociopathy 

27:00 Dating insane people

29:00 Water bottle challenge

30:00 Fame vs talent

32:00 Started comedy in Santa Cruz*

33:00 Would you do it for the money?*

35:00 Freedom as the highest value*

36:30 starting meditation practice*

40:30 Mitchell the shaman*

43:15 Comedy as therapy*

44:45 Cave of Forgotten Dreams*+

48:15 Plato’s allegory of the cave

49:30 Mitchell wants to help people*

50:30 Comedy as an escape

51:45 me describing my comedy

52:30 Mitchell plugs

54:00 Mitchell’s bio

56:00 Straight people clam up about gay sex

58:00 Sorry I couldn’t be there

59:45 Interest in people’s mental health

01:01:00 Dad’s birthday, and he done runoft

01:03:00 Dad’s sixth wife ruins my jokes


#airforce #USAF #veteran #comedian #shaman #mitchelllamar #comedy #podcast #lgbt #america #fame #reality #gay #mental #health #meditation #plato #happiness #losangeles #black #asian #openmic #standup #multiverse 



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The white man needs a hug, and Ron Bush has been hugging them until they beg for more on the road for the better part of a decade. But he’s only one man, we all need to pitch in. We have a great talk starting off with Ancient Aliens and then discussing the thing middle-aged men always do- what’s wrong with the country.

President Trump is stoking racial fears against Rep. Omar by invoking the old “go back to where you came from,” by leading “SEND HER BACK” chants. Ron and I are no stranger to being told to go back to where we’re from, but we both know that we are Americans through and through. America is dealing with unhealed wounds of a racists past, and Ron and I discuss the problems as we see it, the strategy of deplatforming vs engagement, and Ron’s love of the closeted white supremacist.

Ron Bush is a comedian, actor, and producer. Look out for his show, Ron Bush For President, and check him out on Twitter, FB, and IG!

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Show Notes

00:45 Ancient Aliens

02:30 Mysteries of the Pyramids and Sphinx

04:30 Neil DeGrasse Tyson*

06:30 Leaps in Human Consciousness

09:30 Solar flare frying the grid

11:30 Opening portals to new dimensions

13:00 Infinite realities

13:45 Gay Thanos* 

14:45 Women are not the minority

15:30 Women who enable white supremacy

17:20 Middle American white women in the 2016 election

18:15 Middle America alienated from media and Democrats

19:20 America’s racial wounds

20:00 Politicians believe in nothing

20:30 Congress is rich

21:00 America’s racial reckoning

22:30 White America needs self-examination

23:00 White supremacist mindset

24:00 Legacy of colonialism

24:40 Fear of a blasian planet*

27:00 Racial mixing is natural

29:00 getting attacked

29:45 I was hot as a kid*

31:00 Engagement vs deplatforming white supremacists*

31:50 Daryl Davis+

33:20 Understanding the White Man for World Peace*

35:00 Ron Bush engages the white man

36:00 dropping knowledge in the ass**

37:20 elevate the conversation with empathy

38:50 white men need holding*

40:00 Ron’s homophobic family

40:50 Gay Jamaican granny*

42:00 Breaking boundaries

42:40 Male psychology+

44:00 War crimes

45:00 War machine

46:00 Social trauma from war+

48:00 Forever War

49:00 Tough situation

49:30 War is money

51:00 We are Rome*

52:00 We’re the Rebels*

53:00 Smedley Butler

54:00 Psychedelic revolution

55:30 Liberal hypocrisy

56:12 Ice Cream Man

56:45 Ron Bush’s comedy

#ronbush #roginkim #america #racism #white #supremacy #nationalism #politics #gay #asian #black #closet #altright #war #empathy #2016 #trump #omar #immigration #POC #POV #daryldavis #kkk #nazi #neonazi #republican #democrat #election #2020 #bernie #socialism #empire

A spiritually empty material existence plagues some of us, and we're the lucky ones! Just imagine being just about anywhere else! I try to shamelessly talk about the most trending topics at the moment in hope of bots finding my feed and giving the numbers a bumpski.

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00:45 - Internet directly to our brains?

03:20 - MindFi

06:00 - Approached by a clipboard activist *

08:00 - would you switch sides for the money?*

09:14 - do you care about stuff?*

10:14 - fascism in our time?

12:30 - defining fascism

18:00 - military industrial complex and Jim Crow

19:00 - Ridgecrest earthquakes

21:00 - unchecked executive power

23:20 - Andy Ngo beaten by Antifa

24:10 - Asian dudes being called white supremacist *

26:00 - We are what we accuse others of *

27:00 - we’ll never get rid of disposable diapers*

28:00 - convenience always wins*

29:20 - blaming the consumer is bullshit

30:00 - traffic lights

32:00 - blaming the voter

33:00 - Elizabeth Warren’s one drop rule

35:00 - white settlers running away to live with native americans

36:30 - if fascism, it’s been there a while

37:00 - milkshakes vs bombs*

38:00 - plugs

39:30 - Epstein

40:00 - Bill Clinton quote*

#AndyNgo #AndrewYang #antifa #fascist #LittleMermaid #JeffreyEpstein #milkshake 


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Everything on social media is a secret ad running on an algorithm designed to social engineer you into the perfect consumer. No big deal, right? The old saying is true, “if you aren’t paying for the product, you are the product.”

Rob(@robthemutant) is the founder and CEO of Mutant Capitalist, a B2B digital marketing and B2B sales agency, who hired me a couple of years ago to make videos for weed gear. Since then, we’ve become friends and have had fun conversations like the one on this Kimcast. Rob freed himself from the brick and mortar grid a while back and now operates completely digitally and remotely. Comics still trying to make ends meet are slowly dying working in offices (meaning me), and I found Rob to be a great model to free myself from thinking I needed a “job” in the traditional sense.

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Show notes

00:14 - Online dating turns people into products

02:14 - USA is #1 bullshitters

03:14 - bullshitting in sales and dating*

04:14 - America, the land of confident dummies

05:44 - social media influencers

07:14 - social media is secret advertising*

09:14 - office culture is dead

10:14 - office life is control in the face of death*

11:14 - active shooter drills

12:14 - gov’t shooter video - run, hide, fight

15:14 - people are a lot more miserable

18:14 - the me generation

19:14 - reagan*

20:14 - 72 hours

21:14 - at war with ourselves*

22:34 - rob intro

24:14 - undoing the drug war

27:14 - the POV of a private prison contractor*

28:34 - we’re really punish-happy

29:44 - humans are not honest

30:14 - America is puritan

32:34 - do the math

33:44 - becoming more conservative as you get older

35:14 - the gov’t is us 

36:14 - we don’t value all life*

37:14 - Obama was us and so is Trump*

38:14 - depending on who’s team you’re on it’s ok

39:34 - what sanctions means*

44:14 - legalize psychedelics

46:14 - local politics are more important

49:44 - America is for sale

51:44 - we’re in the craziest time ever*


#marketing #digital #advertising #algorithm #social #media #socialengineer #psychology #manipulation #america #bullshit #publicrelations #pr #journalism #capitalism #nomad #remote #telecommute #gigeconomy #cannabis #business #marijuana #legalization #legalize #psychedlics #psilocybin #lsd #dmt #ayahuasa #politics #obama #trump #reagan #80s #tinder #dating


Kristen Lundberg (@mammiespanx) joins me on this episode of the cast (along with Chris Cope @chriscopecomedy hanging in the back of the car)! Kristen is a comedian, violinist, ice sculptor, digital artist… a total polymath! We talk about growing up in Ohio, her time doing comedy in CIncinnati and Chicago, a spirited discussion about the rate of water freezing, but overall what comes through is Kristen’s passion for entertaining people and her intentions of being a positive role model for young people.


00:00 intro - inside comedy baseball

05:30 convo starts

06:50 disruptive art - 3D printing guns

09:41 Bubbles the chimp

11:30 Kristen’s art thesis

13:00 Ohio is the Florida of the North *

13:50 Oxycontin Express

14:20 Opioid crisis in Ohio

16:15 Giving kids drugs

16:30 Kristen catching her mom smoke weed

18:30 smoking weed out of dumb things*

20:00 Doing comedy in Cincinnati and Chicago

21:30 Moving to LA*

22:15 Inspired to get on screen and inspire the youth*

24:00 Should the kids comedy: a debate*

25:30 keeping the Lundberg name alive

27:00 Kentucky car thieves*

27:44 Shouting out Midwest cities

28:00 Hollywood Kristen*

29:30 getting picked on as a kid*

33:00 Kristen’s ice expertise

38:00 Sycamore Tavern parking lot

38:45 ice sculpting

40:30 learning the chainsaw

43:15 trying to get cough syrup

44:00 avoiding antidepressants

47:30 LA is slow

48:45 sassy sexy waitress job

52:00 using the violin for standup

53:00 wanting to be extraordinary

55:15 are comedians important?*

56:00 entertaining the people

58:30 more “how to” instead of “why”*

01:02:30 outro - YAAS AMERICA


#comedy #performance #art #sculpture #icesculpting #violinist #standup #losangeles #opioid #Ohio #Cincinnati #Chicago #drugs #entertainment


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Happy Pride! Joining me this episode is Mia Mars (@miafuckingmars). Neither of us are gay, but we are weirdos! Mia and I have a chat about our shared Jewish and Asian heritage, her family history, serial killers, and growing up in LA!

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Show Notes

05:15 Germs through History

07:10 Jesus is a germ

07:55 Moses forget to count himself

08:55 Mia Intro

10:25 Engrish and its opposite

11:00 Tattooed Jews *

13:25 Serial Killers

15:00 Mia’s family

16:15 Asian people do not age*

16:55 Not fitting in

20:25 Comedy is like high school

20:40 Mia in high school

22:40 Growing up w/ Jews*

24:25 White genocide

25:25 Once you get to know em*

26:25  Anti-vax Jews

27:25 Russian bots

27:55 The Great Expulsion*

34:40 Yemen

35:15 Israel-Palestine

37:55 Synchronized praying to Mecca

39:55 Gaza is a prison

41:40 We are all garbage*

42:00 Florida is beautiful garbage

44:30 Would we be killed?

45:00 Roma talk

47:15 Marry whoever you want

48:00 Incest is woke*

49:15 Apathetic Libertarian

50:30 We arm our enemies*

52:15 Legalize everything

53:15 Trans athletics


#jewish #asian #serialkillers #politics #comedy #podcast #war #yemen #israel #palestine

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Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! How's your mental health? How do you deal with intrusive thoughts that urge you to listen to right wing guests on podcasts just out of curiosity, like Milo Yiannopoulos on the Legion of Skanks, but no! You can't! It's forbidden! Imagine what they'll say- "Not a good look." That's worse than death, to not look good. It's quite a strain on the psyche, and in the end you should really look out for #1- the USA.


00:30 It’s going down

01:00 It’s not so bad

01:50 The children are the future *

03:00 racist internment camp*

04:00 Twitter wars

04:40 Milo on LOS

05:40 Deplatforming has the opposite effect

07:00 scene between Louis CK and Nick DiPaolo

07:45 Louis goes from woke to MeToo’d

09:10 People grow and change- Milo, Jordan Peterson, and pedophilia

10:30 There’s no reason to ban me

10:45 social media addiction*

12:15 mental health ignorance/crisis

13:30 permissive commercial society*

14:45 I’m a good person!*

16:30 the contradiction of America

17:10 Let’s run this into the ground*

18:10 My mental health journey

19:40 learning psychology paradigms

22:15 things that work for mental health

22:30 meditation and exercise vs antidepressants

23:30 never used antidepressants because of a class

24:30 placebo effect included with success rates in antidepressants

26:00 my mental health regiment

28:00 coming to terms with suicide

30:00 me vs shadow me


#mentalhealth #pscyhology #milo #Yiannopoulos #LegionOfSkanks #LOS #meditation #depression #antidepressants #suicide #deplatforming #louisck #nickdipaolo #PC #SJW #FreeSpeech #censorship #comedy #podcast

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Life is sacred, but death makes all the cash! The right to an abortion is being challenged all over the country, while we provide no health care and rain fire down upon the heads of babies overseas. We are the rootin-tootin, shootin, nukin, bad mofo of the world and we are saying don’t let that baby dies in the womb, let it die in the classroom. None of it makes any sense, unless it’s part od the divide an conquer strategy that pits men against women, Bloods against Crips.


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Show Notes

00:30 If I was aborted *

02:15 Checking out of politics

03:00 Life is sacred?

03:30 USA #1 Babykiller *

05:30 The suffering of the world

07:15 Baby deaths at home

09:15 Our civilization hanging on to values *

13:00 US Politics is dumb

14:00 Cynical or just paying attention?

16:30 Nukes are so bad, only we can have them *

20:45 Obama’s Newspeak

23:10 Outro


#abortion #alabama #roevwade #reproductiverights #womensrights #feminism #war #politics #nuclear #foreignpolicy #babykiller #death #life #comedy #podcast

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Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage And Mental Health Awareness Month. May brings us a nice mish-mash of two groups that sorely need attention- Asians and the mentally ill. It’s a pretty tight Venn diagram between the two, speaking from personal experience. To me, the whole idea of an Asian identity is absurd, because “Asian” is a construct that breaks down in meaning upon inspection. Being Asian is least interesting thing about me, but the most interesting things about are because of my parents being from Asia. Really though, there was a war. That’s really the thing that shakes things up. I talk about mental health and the heroism of children as the only solution to school shooters. I ramble about the history behind the Chinese railroad workers and forgot to mention the backdrop of the Gold Rush in California, which I will undoubtedly ramble on and on about at a future point. Finally, LET’S HEAR IT FOR DENVER!!!!! They are the first US city to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms and this could be the beginnings of a shift toward the psychedelic society.

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01:20 No such thing as Asia

03:00 Am I Asian?

04:20 When I found out about my real mom


10:15 There was a war

12:00 Maybe neglect is why I don’t feel Asian

12:45 Mental Health Awareness Month*

14:00 Jiu Jitsu going back to the Greeks

16:45 Child heroes stopping school shooters*

19:30 Chinese railroad worker history

21:00 Opium War

26:00 No Chinese women allowed

27:00 Oppression dick measuring contest

29:20 RESIST

30:00 Psilocybin*

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Comedian Arthur Hamilton joins me to talk about his upcoming special at the Skiptown Playhouse and growing up in Pacoima, CA. Of course, I nerdily interject the historical context of black and Asian relations and the residential segregation of Los Angeles. We have a great talk about some of our early comedy experiences and Arthur tells me about how he was a banker in Arizona until he was caught with weed.

Tix to Arthur's Special- http://bit.ly/2DILCXA

Check out Blunts and Brunch- http://bit.ly/2H1T9Db 

Tix to my Belly Room show- http://bit.ly/shindigbelly

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00:00 Intro- Trump, climate change, Thrones

03:00 Arthur Hamilton Intro

05:40 The collapse and preppers

07:20 Cinco De Mayo 

08:45 Pacoima, CA

09:20 Rodney King 

10:30 Going out during the riots 

11:10 Growing up in Pacoima

12:45 The Valley is hood

14:30 LA is segregated

17:15 Hip Hop evolution

19:00 Black people and kung fu

20:00 Bruce Lee and the Vietnam War 

22:15 Korean War and desegregation

24:00 Japanese, Russians, and Americans in Korea

26:30 The Homies Check in On Us

28:30 Trying to roll a blunt in my car

29:00 Identifying with older people

30:30 Ditching school

33:00 The Valley and gentrification

34:30 Arthur’s family origins

35:00 Black migration to California

37:00 Racism and history

38:00 liking white women 

39:00 Arthur’s start in comedy

44:00 Bombing in front of old black people*

45:30 Bombing is like female shunning

46:00 Arthur’s sisters trained him for comedy

47:00 Comedy comes from black women

48:10 Working at Chase Bank

50:15 Running scams at work

52:15 Weed charge in Arizona

57:15 Outro

#podcast #comedy #standupcomedy #black #asian #pacoima #sfvalley #losangeles #arizona #segregation #koreanwar #brucelee

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There are more Democratic candidates than there are Avengers and beloved characters at Winterfell combined. So much is going on, but it’s hard to see what’s real and what’s fake anymore, especially when we’re in such a position of privilege to not worry about survival. Of course, we are all just one medical bill away from financial ruin in America, which makes it the best reality show of all- walking the tightrope between the haves and have-nothings. The Democrats have nothing to offer us except a spectacle that pales in comparison to the Avengers: Endgame and the upcoming Battle of Winterfell in Game of Thrones. The public relates more to these fictional characters because they hold more truth to their actions than the bullshitters in politics.

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00:30 WGA vs ATA

02:00 Sri Lanka Attack*

03:15 Winterfell and Endgame are more real to me

05:45 Iron Man was about US war guilt*

07:45 Am I Ableist?*

10:10 War All The Time

11:00 War on Drugs is a War on Unity*

14:15 Why do we need this form of gov’t?

16:00 Democrats Assemble*

17:00 US Politics

20:00 Have-nots and have-nothings

22:00 fake real vs real fakes

25:00 Standup Show plug


#election #democrats #avengers #gameofthrones #demthrones # srilanka #ableism #poverty #healthcare #podcast #comedy

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088 Virginia Is For Druggies w/ Steven Belkowski


Joining me on this episode is Steven Belkowski (@belswagski), a comic I met in the open mic scene in LA who is a traveler both physically and psychedelically. We talked about his experience as a military brat growing up in Indonesia as a right wing Catholic lad, similar to the Covington kids! He would have definitely rocked the MAGA hat to town some libs back in his day. However, moving to Virginia changed all that and once he saw how people struggled his heart began to grow like the Grinch, and he turned to the psychedelic realm to open his mind.


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00:00 Intro

00:30 Fuzzy Dave

04:30 Steven Belkowski

05:40 Mic Stand Comics

08:30 Newport News, Virginia

10:15 George Washington’s slaves

11:30 Military Brat

12:15 Right Wing Kid*

15:20 Culture Shock coming to America*

16:30 Too Motivational

18:00 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure*

18:50 Public School Brought Perspective

20:15 How Easy It Is To Become Homeless

23:30 The 27 Club

25:15 Fentanyl ODs

26:20 Opium Turned Out To Be Black Tar

27:20 Morphine at the Hospital

29:20 Drug Scene in Virginia

30:45 Triple Cs and Spice

32:20 Synthetic Cannabinoids

34:00 Dissociation

36:00 Out of Body Experience*

38:00 Two Bros Astrally Entering Each Other*

40:45 Belief in God

41:50 Legal Research Chemicals

43:30 Black Market Drugs

44:45 If Steven Had Alzheimer’s

46:15 Psych Major

47:20 Microdosing Psychedelics

48:15 Kids in Entertainment

50:45 Sensationalizing Pedophilia Enables More Pedophilia

54:00 Catholic Church

54:45 We Need To Talk Openly About Pedophilia

57:40 Train Kids to Spot Predators

59:30 The Suicide Squad of Pedophiles*

01:03:00 Outro


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LA is a vampire. Plain and simple. It sucks the water from it’s neighbors in order to sustain a manufactured metropolis in the desert. And I’m ALL IN, BABY!!!

This week I am taking a stand for the children, especially child actors. They are the broken by-product of a billion dollar system that seems to exist purely for entertainment at best and an institutionalized safe-haven for pedophiles. The only thing is, it’s never going to happen. Kids will always be part of the entertainment industry, and they will be touched if not by some scumbag, then at least the darkness.

I take a look at the upcoming movie, Little, and I wonder why this movie was even made. It seems like a vehicle for rationalizing the sexualization of a child by making the plot about a middle-aged woman’s mind inside the body of a 13 year old. Yikes. Haven’t they been watching all the documentaries that have been coming out?

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00:45 Los Angeles is a vampire

03:00 Los Angeles is not real *

04:00 Understanding politics through the Avengers and Game of Thrones

05:20 Fake News *

07:20 Jaden Smith helped Flint, Obama drank the water *

11:00 Did Russia do it?

12:50 Pedos in Pop Culture

14:00 Corey Feldman *

15:45 Abolish Child Acting *

18:15 The First Molester

20:10 The Pope’s Ring *

21:30 Father Ryan

22:00 Parents of child actors

25:22 Soften the blow *

26:30 Little vs Big

32:00 Little seems like grooming behavior

34:00 It’s a problem

35:00 At best… at worst

37:00 Softening the blow

37:30 Go see Little *

39:45 Let them be kids *

40:45 Closing

#hollywood #metoo #pedophile #pizzagate #littlemovie #childacting #entertainment #church #jadensmith #russiagate #findingneverland #rkelly #coreyfeldman

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My guest this episode is comedian Niles Abston, who has an animated project he’s working on called, Planet Blak, a stoner sci-fi comedy about a young black man who’s been recruited to sell weed for aliens. We discussed how he was inspired by the harsh drug laws of his home state of Mississippi and then we have a great conversation about the War on Drugs, America’s history of war in Asia, Black and Korean relations, and how despite the differences between people, most of us are our here just struggling to survive. We are actually more unified than separate, sometimes. There are no real answers here, just two comics asking questions and making white people uncomfortable. 

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Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/thenilesabstonshow/

YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6se7zLMuooyUhxDbriW6Xw


Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:20 Likes are Addictive

3:50 Living in an OK time

6:15 *START* Niles Abston 

6:30 watching Seinfeld

8:30 Planet Blak

10:00 America’s Drug War*

11:30 Obama Getting Away With Doing Drugs

14:00 Golden Age of Driving High* 

15:30 Stop and Frisk in NYC

17:00 Cops in Oklahoma

18:30 Every Native American Treaty Broken

20:30 Everybody Should Get Over It

21:25 Is Ignorance By Design?

22:35 American Exceptionalism

24:00 Korean War

25:00 Asian Immigration Restrictions

26:15 Japanese Internment

27:00 American War in the Philippines

30:00 Nuking was the Midpoint

30:50 First Desegregated Infantry was during the Korean War

31:45 Koreans Are Racist AF

34:25 Korean-Black Relations During 90s LA

36:20 Black Korea

38:35 Is Poverty Created?

40:30 Nipsey Hussle conspiracy

42:20 Dr. Sebi

43:30 Crabs in a Barrel

45:00 Lottery Winners Die A Lot

48:30 Goodness is Circumstantial

49:10 White People Dealing With Racism

50:00 Joining in on Asian Jokes

51:18 Being Mistaken for Another Asian Comic

52:15 Being Mistaken for a Black Guy *

53:30 Telling an Asian Friend To Wave In Public*

54:30 Making White Audiences Uncomfortable

56:00 Going To Private School In Mississippi

58:15 Separating People Into Groups

59:00 Asian Are Good At Math Because Of Abuse

01:00:00 Black Kids Need Comedy and Sports for Survival

01:01:00 Mississippi Ratifying the 13th in 2013/Shotgun Policy

01:03:00 Planet Blak and where to find Niles

01:06:25 Outro

01:07:45 El Mexican at the Garage Mic

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The Mueller report was dropped and, boy, is it a bombshell! What a failure of the news media to go after things that matter like the survival of the human race, and instead make such a huge deal about Russian collusion and then have nothing to show for it. The media has been failing us consistently since WMDs after 9/11 and continues to do so. You mean the folks that had a 99% degree of certainty that Hillary Clinton would win, got something wrong, yet again?

Anyway with all the talk of the future being female, why not the present? Instead of all this time and money on trying to nail Trump, how about learning more about female sexuality and especially the vagina. It’s unconscionable that we all know so very little about the place from whence we all came.

I give a quick spoiler-free rundown of The Inventor and Us. If you want to know more about what I thought of US, check out my IG Stories!

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I was in NY for a hot minute and had time to visit my pal Caleb where we have one of our regular chats about everything. Check out Caleb’s podcasts- We’re Going To Hell and The Caleb Barge Podcast.

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It's Women's History Month! I hope March is enough to make up for everything that's happened. 

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We're all just trying to keep it together until we die.

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You ever get a text and see it’s not an iMessage and get anxiety? Why can’t these dirty poor Android users get an iPhone and be different just like me?

There's so much going on in the world, but none of it matters as much as Game of Thrones.

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I was on a bit of a hiatus, had to get a job on top of being lazy, lots of noise in the world, marketing speak, George Carlin, rebrand, cricket, wickets, cricket bat, office jobs suck, MMMMcast, marketing speak, euphemisms, America is still great at marketing, change my name, Joe Rogan, Seth Rogen, mental health, propaganda's effect on mental health, XXXtentacion, blue texts matter, child slaves making our phones, tales from late capitalism, Kill Tony #315.



This is a lost episode I salvaged from the depths. These kids are dying to make our phones!

I talk about too much shit, too connected, technology, child slaves, thank you children, give them phones, Nike, sweat shops kids have grown up, we don't care, we could be making phones for the Chinese, things change, North Mexico, trying to follow the news, Khashogi, Saudi Arabia, Stalin, Russia, murdering journalist, are you ok with being murdered?, the death of journalism in the US, New York Times, William Randolph Hearst, yellow journalism, Chinese Exclusion Act, marijuana prohibition, DuPont, makes a black man look a white man in the eye, makes a white woman consider non-white men, and why not?, it makes people hang out together regardless of race and enjoy music, muckrakers, midterm elections, DNC has no strategy, Elizabeth Warren, one drop rule, money in politics, cancel democracy, Badger getting shut down by bitches, closeted Republicans, closeted people everywhere, get more Asian friends, victim blaming for the financial crisis, personal responsibility vs a corrupt system, if the UN got together to stop America's consumption and punished the people, responsibility onto the people instead of the power, socialize the losses, we need rails or we'll go off them, i'm the guy who needs to eat and i have to change?, people are important, botox is the deadliest poison but people use it to cheat death

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Quitting social media is easy, I've done it ten times already.

It's about time the .001% of 60% of the world's population was represented on the big screen.

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We live like ancient kings... I clean my bong with pink salt from the Himalayas.

Working in an office is a drag, man. I bet Trump hates having to go to work everyday in the White House, where he has to pretend to know how to read all day, it's gotta be exhausting.


I debate a name change for the podcast, avoid the Bourdain and Spade suicides amidst a cacophony of squawking of media, politics, children get the worst of it, kids acting like adults are creepy, protected period of innocence, infant mortality at 50%, i don't have anyone to pull it out, happy i remembered, turning 40 50% of the way there, dealing with 0-20, senior citizen babies, openly cruel, the mask has come off, good/evil duality, grasping at narratives to make sense of reality, have i been so high that i know what i know what i'm talking about?, telling stories around the fire, caveman times, shadows on the wall, human evolution, hominid evolution, timescale, genetic bottleneck, hitchhiker's guide, microdosing, helping with cyclical depression, 40 is the steak eating moment in the matrix, xxxtentacion, when i was 19-20, push them east, riots, rooftop koreans, guys getting raped is still funny, will i die on that hill, no but i'll get raped on it, chemical merry-go-around, what did trump do, the border and the kids, white people calling cops on black people for existing, public shaming in restaurants, republicans eat a surprising amount of mexican food (and DNA), gambling on sadism, borders are just where armies got tired, i asked my elders about what they think of north korea and some of them say it's good and the others say it's commie propaganda, peace in our time or we'll all die from nuclear annihilation! 

It's Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month? What does that mean? Where is Asia, who is Asia, WHY IS ASIA?!?! ...and will they ever stop fighting? Are we in the midst of Korean Reunification? Will it be as easy as Thanos Snappening his fingers and making half the Koreans disappear (hopefully, the bad half amitrite?)? Is this entire description going to be in questions? I could see that happening, but could the whole podcast be in the form of a question? There's only one way to find out?

We're doing it live! Despite some imaginary sound issues, I powered through to rant about doing comedy in the Valley, neo-feudalism, archery as revenge against birds, and how I'M TIRED OF CURRENT EVENTS, but who am I to stop the tide pods of history? 

More Gulag Archipelago to kick us off into a brief aside about Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman, who you may not need me to remind you of, but let us consider the lobster, possibly for a bit too long. Then it's time to move onto the use of Asians as a sweet visual gag... I'm one to talk, I'm like a walking visual gag. And finally I top it off with an observation on the recentness of clean water and how everyone that ever lived in history before then was drunk.

Direct download: rkc070.m4a
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The Gulag Archipelago has really got me thinking. Are we truly innocent until proven guilty when there are unjust laws in existence? Laws like NOT EATING CHICKEN BONES OFF THE COUNTER, BADGER, BAD BOY!! YOU ARE A BAD BOY AND I WILL PUT YOU IN BAD BOY PRISON!!! Apparently feeding raw chicken bones to dogs is fine, even good for them, but cooked bones can splinter and kill them. Wait, but maybe I'm the bad one? He's not the one who left the bones out, he's just a dog. Maybe I'm the bad one? Let's extrapolate that to our society at large... are we the bad guys?  Because if we were in Star Wars are we the Resistance or the First Order. What do either of those things mean anyway? Why did the Empire fall to the Republic only for it to fall to the First Order? It just seems a little too convenient. I look back at my stretch of THC freedom having broken my fast, and some of the observations I've made. Finally, I consider our role as the world's police as we send faceless robots to rain fire down on tribal societies, or even just our complicity in a cycle of death that is necessary and inherent in order for so many of us to live. 

Direct download: rkc069.m4a
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Is it appropriate to say Happy MLK Day? Would he be happy if he were alive today? How would he fare against the #MeToo movement? I'm reading The Gulag Archipelago, I talk about crypto currency, and I go off on whiny selfish weed smokers who are complaining about recreational weed taxes.

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Happy New Year?

I'm back! And also sober. Stone cold sober as a church mouse who works in a church that drug tests. I go over my trip to NYC, my trip in NYC, how Dave Chappelle inspired me to get back in the game, and how my dad is in the running for Father of the Year. 

Free speech is under assault! Not just the ability to say things, but also the ability to question what we should and shouldn't say. Of course, I'm talking more about my open mic adventures! This time, I'm banned from an open mic just for asking why we weren't allowed to tell dick jokes. Keep in mind, this was an ad hoc rule the host decided to tack on after someone's set. This type of thing is bad for comedy. Where else but an open mic can comedians risk being unfunny in order to find what's funny? Censorship ensures that those risks are always second-guessed and is comedy contraception cockblocking laughter.

I love comedy. I'm talking a real love though, not an empty platitude on Valentine's Day candy. I'm talking about having to clean someone else's shit kind of love, which only seems to be appropriate with babies and animals, but here I am doing it for comedy. It's in the awkward moments where the fabric of social norms is whisked aside momentarily that I revel in. I recognize that perhaps I'm masochistic, but I've had enough therapy to realize that it's ok, it's totally appropriate in the context of standup comedy to ride that edge. Haha I sound like such a douchebag.  

What's it gonna take? For what, you ask? FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Mass shootings, climate change, corruption in our media, government, health care system... just the whole thing through and through stinks of for-profit short-term bloodsucking and not the long-term rational action needed to deal with some really important things. 

Meanwhile, there's good in this world, just because our media is run by "if it leads, it bleeds" parasites doesn't mean that's all there is to reality. Hug a loved one, and be grateful for what you have. 

Roasting has permeated geopolitics! Is there no end to the roastification of the planet? You got your carbon heating things up but you also have viscous verbal barbs being slung willy-nilly, with no thought to the consequences. Many people believe the moment Trump decided to be President was when Obama roasted him at the White House Press Correspondence Dinner. Now Trump is President and is roast battling Kim Jong Un at the UN, and KJU responds with the D-bomb that had everyone shitting themselves. Meanwhile, is this what's important? Maybe. At least it's more important than football.

Living the life in Los Angeles! Can't complain, or can I? This is a rant cast, off the cuff, riffing hot licks, where I just go, no huddle. Thank you for your patience. 

John and I were at one point sleeping on a twin size mattress on the basement floor of a Berkeley co-op called, Le Chateau, back during what historians may later call "The Critical Period." This was the late 90s, and we were at the intersection of many possible futures, many of them surely death or insanity, but lo and behold, we're now middle aged men back in LA, living out our dreams. 

John is a playwright who's been putting on plays from his apartment in Culver City

We had a wide-ranging and silly conversation, just a couple of valley boys shooting the shit.


The Beatnuts- Rik's Joint

Vince Staples- BagBak



It's been a while since I regaled you with tales from Roginia. I'm in between jobs and planes of existence. A brief trip though history, and we're in the present talking about the increase in humidity in LA. Not cool. The whole point was to get away from such things, but can you do? Demoisturize LA! I talk about a workout plan I've decided to try and stick to an reminisce about the time I was the most hated creature in all of New York City- the hurt able-bodied person taking forever to go down to the subway.



Direct download: rkc060.m4a
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Apologies for the audio, I was talking into the mic like some kind of freak. I snuck away from my duties as a government agent in order to talk about the most important thing on my mind, my hair. We go from my hair to THE Hair to the Chief, and touch about how impeachment may be inevitable or just not happen, whatever! I like plants, by the way, one of my favorite plants is called the Wandering Jew, maybe because no matter how hard you try to kill it, it ends up running global finance!



Lots of dong waggling going on in the Korean peninsula, and I waggle my own dong, my history dong, and explore the history of the Konflict between the two Koreas. I then surreptitiously slip in a discussion about stealthing and then onto a recent scientific discovery that allows us to sift ancient hominid DNA from cave floors. What does this all mean? Does it have to mean anything? Yes, but only because we're compelled too. I really have no answers! Anybody who says they do is automatically suspect. 





In this episode, I rant about walls. The government neared shutting down because of the Border Wall, but what's in a wall? Do they really work? How crazy is it that we annexed what was once Mexico, fought a war over it, promised dual citizenship, reneged on the promise, use Mexicans as cheap labor, blame them for our troubles, and then tell them we want to build a wall that won't really work? Beyond physical walls, we have the metaphorical walls that we construct to make sense of the world- us vs them, red team vs blue team, Coke vs Pepsi... But when will we learn to drop all our walls and accept that we are all just people?

This episode of the Kimcast, I have my cousin Han Kim. He has a podcast called In The Kimchi Jar. He's also runs shit in the poogmul world, as well as spreading the teachings and philosophy of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho. We tried to keep the conversation on track about depression, and we talk about our own experiences with it as well as how we coped and the treatment that we sought. We talk about the times we wanted to kill myself, which for me was all part of a terrible "acid" trip that left me trapped in a another dimension looking to fuck my way back. We inevitably talk about our fucked up families and our hopes for the future. All in all, this was a great conversation with a terrific podcaster in his own right.



Flat Earth again!?!?!? Yes, it raises it's stupid head again, this time with Kron Gracie, who I highly respected as a martial artist, but now not so much as an astrophysicist, but that's only fair. We can't all have a grasp of the universe can we? It's more an indictment of our education system if anything. Science, bitch.




I have a job now! I'm on my lunch break! I'm in a car! This is fine! I'm pondering on the need for some structure to this podcast, but then would mean I have to put in more work and effort, meaning less podcasts overall? Maybe less is more, unless it's not, then it's less and more is more. In this episode, I talk about how it's St. Patrick's Day, how the State Dept. has been gutted, the irony of a guy who wrote  "The Art of The Deal," trying to defund the arts, Rex Tillerson aka Wayne Tracker, and a little sign-posting on some book reports I'd like to do in the future. 




I walked my dog Badger around Torrance and ruminate on the movie GET OUT and the nature of inspiration.

I'm tired of Trump, so I'm taking a much needed Trump dump. Enough talk about politics, let's get back to me. This episode I ruminate on famliy. Part of leaving LA when I was a kid was all about leaving my family and abandoning my dad the same way he's abandoned me. I've since grown older, wiser, done a shit ton of psychedelics, and has a shit ton of analysis in order to find myself here, back in LA having to ask my dad for money, and having to work for it. He helped me see both a reflection of myself and of himself at my age. Hmmm... maybe this episode is too real? Not for me! It's exactly the right amount of real. 



Another crazy week! This podcast is a bit late because I was working on my NEW INTRO! I'll be back on track in no time. In this episode I talk abut the Muslim travel ban, whether it was a botch-up or strategic chaos, how Trump is viewed through different filters a la Scott Adams, and how we are manipulated because our monkey brains are more in control than our so-called logical brains.  

We're a week into the Trump Administration and the Doomsday Clock has gotten two and a half minutes closer to midnight! Hooray for us! Now is the time to exercise the right to assembly guaranteed by the First Amendment before it get repealed, so I went to the Women's March in Downtown LA. I love protests and marches! Movements like labor, suffrage, and civil rights were all instrumental in making sure that I didn't end up the angriest waiter in America. What about punching Nazis? Does freedom of speech mean that you should not be punched for being a Nazi? Idealistically, yes. Realistically, no. 


049 Steve Harvey Craves Asian Dick

Just look at him. You know he wants that dong from Hong Kong. He's definitely jerked it to Enter the Dragon while imagining Bruce Lee's hot yellow rod up his, SURVEY SAYS... ass. The survey says ass.

Steve Harvey underwent some controversy this past week by making jokes about dating Asian men, namely, that nobody wants to. Eddie Huang responded in suit and hey, he did a great job so that the rest of us don't have to struggle with articulating some shit we need to move past. If anything, I have to thank Steve Harvey for the title, which is the premise of a bit I'm going to be working out on stage for my upcoming show at Fubar in West Hollywood 1/27 8pm. It's going to be really gay, both the bit and the venue. 

I talk about Steve Harvey meeting Trump at Trump Tower, which has a very LOTR feel to it, no? I land briefly on Steve Harvey's comments, only to segue into a riff about asian masculinity. What is it? Is it Bruce Lee? Chances are for most of you, it's Bruce Lee. I challenge Steve Harvey to talk shit about Bruce Lee and see how far he gets!

We go deeper into the wormhole, take a pic of Metaphysics Gulch, and then I ponder the reality of my own existence... Am I just a cheap Asian facsimile of Joe Rogan? Could I ever live out my dreams of becoming Asian Joe Rogan? Would the UFC try to slip me in his place and try to pull the wool over everyone's eyes? Considering this week started off with MLK Day and ends with Trump's inauguration, I'd say that even though it sounds like bad writing, it's the good life!

Twelve days in and I finally address the new year! Let's start it off with The Cranberries, Ode to my Family, because I'm unemployed, or self-employed rather, and staying in an Air BnB in gorgeous Park La Brea, which is basically the immigrant middle class projects filled with cockroaches and immigrants!

It's 2017, dammit, and I've stayed off the radar. I recount watching Trump get elected at The Comedy Store and making eye contact with Joe Rogan, who I saw being a real good dude. He's definitely the reason I have a Vitamix. I feel I saw a glimpse of his true character, which I believe is revealed under adversity or when anonymous.

Son then there's Trump. Would the first woman president be just as big a liar as all the rest? I then go into a dank hole of pepe, kek, meme magic, /pol/, 4chan, army of darkness, internet culture, chaos, frogs, tribalism, and the lulz.

The final analysis- every single tribe is shitty and great. Look, we're all people. It doesn't matter if you're woke or red pilled, we're all gonna die. Entropy wins in the end. Even if we became immortal, the sun will swell and destroy theEarth.

We construct meaning as finite creatures, but we're selfish. What if we found out that Earth's existence was causing the deaths of two other planets, would we sacrifice ourselves for them? Is it cynical to think we're just self-interested monkeys? On the other hand, what do I know? What the fuck is dark energy and dark matter?

When I first left LA, I couldn't wait to get out of here. Now, this place ain't so bad. Winter in LA is adorable. We are lucky and in the sweet spot of civilization. Best contribution of 2016- 'member berries from South Park.

It's Election Day Eve and both sides are likening tomorrow's results as the harbinger of Armageddon, but that's soooo dramatic! Come on, you really think everything's going to change? Do you think the President has that much power? When was the last time a President delivered what the candidate version himself said just a year earlier? There's a lot of pillow talk that happens before someone's elected, but afterward, it's business as usual. Too bad that business is war. 

Marijuana legalization is on the the ballot in California and eight other states. Let's make the union green! The War on Drugs is a racist and authoritarian criminalization of black nationalists and anti-war protestors in the 70s.  We have a chance to make some real money in California and stop letting Colorado make us look bad. I mean Colorado is great, I love it, I love the people, the mountains, I really do, but it's the Khloe to our Kim. Let's be real. We can't keep sitting on the sidelines letting Khloe get all the press and all the cheddar! There is the off chance that the economy could crash because high people would be less susceptible to advertising, but we mustn't let the best become the enemy of tho good.

Podcasts are crucial to the economic backbone of this country. If you took them away, productivity would plummet and you'd have to reintroduce whipping to get the numbers back in the black. I would say that the above is non sequitur but it's the first thing I said, so how can it be?

Glenn finally died after waiting seven months in between seasons of The Walking Dead. A lot of Asian guys are saying that they'll stop watching the show now that he's dead and to them I say, good riddance. Those guys would probably be the first to die in any apocalyptic scenario- zombie, robot, even weed. That's right during a weed apocalypse they'd be the first ones to ever die from marijuana, fucking up the numbers for the rest of us. You'd have to reintroduce whipping to get the numbers back in the black. OH MY GAD THAT'S A CALLBACK SON!!!

Anyway, we are all one. Enough with the stupid tribal shit. There isn't a lot of time, we need to adapt or die.   

What a wonderful world we live in! I'm broadcasting from lovely Torrance, CA with my dog, Badger, amidst the controlled release of flammable fumes rendered harmless by plumes of fire. That doesn't worry me. I also saw a coyote in Torrance, right across the street from me, perhaps on his way for the day shift at the refinery. None of this bothers me! I'm a bit stressed about money, but beyond that, life is great! I'm in sunny LA, hitting mics, doing my thing, and getting by, what more do I need right now? Just your ear, dear listener, that makes it all worthwhile. 

Never in my wildest dreams or deepest darkest nightmares did I ever think that I would be back in the Valley sitting in a room filled with Korean dudes, nor did I think that I would have a great time, but I did!

John Cha is an author who writes about the Korean and Korean-American experience, and was the first person to interview a high-ranked defector from North Korea. He was instrumental in breaking through the Ginseng Curtain, allowing the US to learn about North Korea's inner workings for the first time. For the record, I made up the term Ginseng Curtain. 

Flip Cuddy is the grandson of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho, a Korean independence activist and leader of the burgeoning Korean-American community in California. Flip is a surfer, carpenter, geographer, hydrologist, and many other things that you might think was total bullshit, but the dude is the real deal!

Han Kim, is a podcaster, my cousin, and a real righteous dude letting me and my dog crash at his place despite the fact that he has pet allergies! Do you hear me! He is compromising his immune system for me! I am forever indebted and grateful for his generosity, and his podcast, In The Kimchi Jar, which he puts out weekly with Flip. It will surely become a repository of knowledge and a great resource for people more interested in Korean-American History. 

We talk a great deal about history, Korean and otherwise, the nature of reality, climate change, the invention of LA kalbi, North Korea, whether Japan should be allowed to have nuclear weapons, and much more.

Tino Romero is an open mic institution in NYC. We sat in a park and talked about his experiences growing up Panamanian and black, his adventures in squatting following a Craigslist housing scam, a  racial roast battle controversy that spun out of control on social media, and his experiences growing up as a weed smoker in the 80s in NYC. Tino is a good dude and one of the first people who put me up. The mic he ran at Bar 82, will be spoken of at length many years from now during the documentary the make about us. 

042 Film Crusade w/ Johnny Zito (@SheKissesThorns)

I met with Johnny Zito in a Whole Foods at Union Square in NYC to talk about a bunch of stuff. We started off with bitcoin, the darknet, research chemicals, and my 1p-LSD adventure with Caleb. We talked about filmmaking, screenwriting, Johnny's misadventures hiring crew for his short film, weed in NYC during the 80s, and finally his band Crusade. All the music is from their album, Atrocities That May Have Been Committed.

Click here to listen to them on iTunes!

041 Afraid of the Future and Happy I Don't Have Kids w/ Lisa Harmon (@LisaHarmonComic)

Lisa invited me over to her apartment in Queens that her mom bought for her because THAT'S WHAT PARENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO TO, DAD!! We had a great conversation starting with the happenings of Lisa's neighborhood of Woodside, Queens to the intricacies of the different levels of the Atkins Diet Then we discussed capitalism run amok, Steve Jobs, conflict minerals, the rise of totalitarianism, the Ottoman Empire, World War I, the Middle East, the Syrian refugee crisis, mass shootings, 1980s New York, CBGBs, the Armenian Genocide, Turkey, death, and you know what? JUST BE GAY.

040 The Rockaway Beach Acid Test w/ Caleb Barge (@calebthoughts)

I went with Caleb to Rockaway Beach to spend the day in contemplation, which meant eating a tab and sitting on the beach become aware and completely fine with the inevitable heat death of the universe, or at least the sun. The same sun which burned me and Caleb despite our attempts at applying sunscreen to ourselves. We were too straight to even consider asking the other to put lotion on  our backs. Now my back is peeling so much my DNA is probably going to be popping up in crime scenes all over the country. 

Despite the set-up, Caleb and I had a great discussion as we overlooked the Atlantic. We discussed our nation's obesity problem, talked about hunting and fishing, our dads, the metaphorical titty milk that we all crave, gender relations, feminism, relationships, the Darwin Awards, the Drug War, drugs, and alcohol, which is also a drug, but for some reason gets its own category. Perhaps because it's awesome? 


The rise of the right wing is evident with the stunning upset results of the referendum on Britain's membership in the EU. The right wing uses tactics based on the fear-centered lizard brain, and it's the same old song whether you're talking about the present climate, WWII, or even California during the Gold Rush. History has a linear path, and the roots of the current rise of fascist dialogue can be seen in the colonial mentality of post-WWI Britain and France. Some might even say that the refugee crisis are chickens coming home to roost. Chickens that date back to as fas a Alexander the Great. I wonder if Alexander the Great was into chicken wings.

Guns! Manifest Destiny! Crazy people everywhere, and I'm going going back back to Cali Cali. I'm sure there will be no crazy people there at all. More science! Gravitational waves! Plus I talk about Stephen Hawking and he's kind of a dick, and then we bring it back to Earth with a little Taylor Swift, Kanye West beef as manufactured as Kim Kardashian's career.

This episode is brought to you by Headspace! Give them your money! No wait, give me your money! Nah, it's ok, you keep it. That right there is why I am the worst businessman in the world. The shooting in Orlando is a bummer. So is the reaction that happens afterward in the media, social or otherwise. Maybe we can take solace in the fact that this is all a simulation, or that it's all too real, either way, what's the difference? The difference is YOU!!! Thanks so much for listening! 

Content is king. That's what they say, and they mean it! So in the spirit of our sovereign ruler, here's another podcast!

What could I possibly be talking about? Well, I have an announcement about a new sponsor-Squarespace! Not really, or I guess, not at all. They don't sponsor me, I'm actually a customer of theirs and I highly recommend them! 

How about another podcast? Yes another one, because this one is so successful. It's about two subjects close to my heart- history and cannabis. 

Consider being registering with the National Bone Marrow Registry, your exquisite genes could save the life of a child with less luck of the draw!

I've been getting some great physical therapy from my friend Karl while he's serving his residency at iPT! Check him out while he's providing his services for only $5 for an hour of physical therapy. 

It's also possible that I may be having a slow-motion stroke that's been going on for the last few years because I may be slurring my words, it could also be THC induced paranoia. So paranoia or palsy, that's where I'm at. 

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I thought that I would be able to increase the output of my podcast episodes by doing absolutely zero post-production after hearing Tim Ferris talk about how his podcast workflow worked. I recorded this thing weeks ago and then a bunch of stuff happened and now it's way later than it would have been had there been some post. Well, lesson learned. And that lesson is- Tim Ferris doesn't know shit!

Just kidding, he's right, I'm wrong. 

Direct download: rkc035.m4a
Category:general -- posted at: 1:10pm EDT

The election season is upon us and it's easy to get wrapped up in all the dramas well as not giving the tiniest shit about it! Would Trump be as terrible a president as people fear, or is it folly to believe that one person can make a difference in the US political system. Especially considering the two most recent email leaks, the Panama Papers and Unaoil, which detail the level of corruption that most of aren't surprised by, but never had so much proof. Finally, I share my experience with cold water immersion or ice baths as a poor man's cryotherapy and I detail the benefits as highlighted by Dr. Rhonda Patrick on FoundMyFitness.com. 



Give More Power to the People - Chi-Lites

It Was A Good Day = Ice Cube


Come along with me on a journey through the improbable fabric of space and time, starting with my knee and ending in the Singularity. Well, that's a lot of ground to cover, so I talk a bit about climate change and how February was the hottest month ever recorded, the discovery of gravitational waves, and the trouncing of Lee Se-dol, a 9th-dan Go world champion, by AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence that experts say is 10 years ahead of it's time!


Movie Clip

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - https://youtu.be/MsK6aRuSBIc



Fazers- King Geedorah https://youtu.be/jRn9BRo4Igw

Blue Flowers- Dr. Octagon https://youtu.be/V9VYzNUXGDA


032 Let's Save This Guy w/ Caleb Barge (@calebthoughts)

Caleb Barge joins me to talk about Making A Murderer and Caleb's single-handed effort to spring Steven Avery free! As per usual, the conversation takes twists and turns through Korea, Iceland, and the Dominican Republic, we talk a little world history, and YES THE MONGOLS OKAY!?!?!?? I'm obsessed with the Mongols, but then we land on Caleb's thoughts on white women, so take not lonely hearts!

Movie Clip




Weak At The Knees-  Steve Arrington

Shake Hands With Beef - Primus

Synchronicity II - The Police 

Another One Bites The Dust - Queen

031 The Sun Is Going To Kill Us All w/ Mike Hernandez (@funnyhernandez)

Mike Hernandez is a comedian who is a consummate New Yorker with plenty of NYC pride, we start off talking about geographical pride, my lack of it, and end up spiraling into class warfare, Bernie Madoff, the history of the Middle East and the inevitably of the sun exploding, none of which we are actually qualified to talk about!

Movie Clip- Carlito's Way


No Equal- The Beatnuts

Where I'm From- The Game

The Hiatus- Diamond D

The Recipe - Kendrick Lamar ft. Dr Dre

030 How We Met Our Mothers w/ Kate Moran (kickasskmo)

I'm joined this episode by filmmaker and comedian Kate Moran, who discusses her experience meeting her birth mother for the first time. Hey, wait a minute, I'm a filmmaker and comedian who met his birth mother as an adult, too! Except I raised by Koreans and Kate was raised by Irish Catholics, which it turns out, doesn't make too much of a difference! 



Modern Love- David Bowie

Mama Said- The Shirelles

Ya Mama- The Pharcyde

Queen Bitch- Seu Jorge

Brian Kim joins me this episode to talk about some of his experiences working in sales getting juiced and making sure he scores the best T. One way he would disarm would-be customers was by bowing to them. This had an immediate calming effect  especially if they were white because Brian puts it, "How often do white people get bowed to?"


Black Korea- Ice Cube

Grindin' - The Clipse

Bloody Money- Capone -N- Noriega

Going Back To Cali- Notorious BIG

028 I'm Sorry You're Having a Rough Day

What could make Christmas in NYC more complete than seeing a dead body in the East River? I used to always think that bodies in the East River was a tired trope of old gangster movies, but nope, it's the real deal. But, enough of this morbidity, because my guest this episode will turn that corpse induced frown upside down!

Diego is a comedian, MMA fighter/instructor, and all around great guy. We talk about his thoughts on the difference between cagefighting and standup, which one was scarier for him, and how the mindset that he gained from his martial arts training has translated over to comedy. We also have a good talk about Jiu Jitsu and how it relates to life and, of course, comedy, because what is more important in this crazy world of ours except having a laugh and a good time? 


Dead Man's Party- Oingo Boingo

When The Man Comes Around- Johnny Cash

Miami- Will Smith

Dance This Mess Around- The B-52s


027 From Ram Horn To Microphone w/ Momoh Pujeh (@yopujeh)

Momoh Pujeh joins me for a conversation that starts off as silly and then delves into the nature of objective reality, which neither of us are qualified to ascertained, and ended up being a great talk running the gamut from the god of Ancient Greece to the exponential rate of technological growth, both of which are marginally impressive to Momoh. 


The Voodoo Curse- Scientist

Grove St. Party- Wacka Flocka Flame

Stand 4 It- Gucci Mane

Dig This Vibe- DJ Krush

Rogin is thankful for being alive on this planet in the 21st century despite the brutality of human nature and the cold formless void of the universe. All of our modern conveniences may be the product of an industrial death machine, but it's all for us and we should be thankful for that. There is some rambling about climate change, the Syrian conflict, Paris, asteroids, and how children of the Congo and China keep furnishing us with the shiniest of new gadgets!

025 El Blanco Diablo De La Tierra Plana w/ Caleb Barge (@calebthoughts)

Ohio votes down marijuana legalization and I can't stand dudes in the park doing kung fu, but the real story here is that I'm joined by Caleb Barge (@calebthoughts) in order to talk about the Flat Earth conspiracy. but then we end up talking about so much more! Mostly because neither of us can really get behind this flat earth biz when it comes down to thousands of years of science vs some guy on the internet.

Plus, here's a clip of Bill Cosby interviewing Sofi Vergara-

Direct download: rkc025.m4a
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024 Mental Health Flashback w/ Jimmy Son (@thejimmyjuice)

Mental health is a sorely overlooked part of life in American society. We are continuously bombarded with weapons of mass consumption designed to make us feel worthless without the next shiny new phone, and as soon as we feel depressed from this spiritual oppression, we are prescribed pills to make the feelings go away It's enough to drive a motherfucker batshit crazy! 

I've had my own struggles with clinical depression and managed to manage my symptoms through a lot of therapy, a lot of weed, exercise, and creativity. It takes a lot of work, but I can't look down or judge people who don't find the same results without medication. My friend and fellow comic Jimmy Son sat down with me to discuss his experience with psychiatrists, staying on and going off his meds, and more!



Money- Pink Floyd

Mission Statement- Weird Al

Institutionalized- Suicidal Tendencies

Normal- Gucci Mane 

Direct download: rk024.m4a
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023 Post-Singularity Hilarity

I took a little break from comedy and worked in animation for a little bit so I ramble on and on about that with a dash of film production, drugs, jobs, my landlord calling me about the scent of marijuana, and the technological singularity.  

Direct download: rkc023.m4a
Category:general, comedy, film, writing, technology, marijuana, drugs -- posted at: 1:49pm EDT

Americans are obsessed with race because of our special relationship with people of all colors throughout history. Recently a number of news items stuck out to me as particular examples of the absurdity and lack of sophistication in which America deals with its race issue- Rachel Dolezal, and the casting of Emma Stone as Allison Ng. 

I'm joined by Jimmy Son (@thejimmyjuice) to discuss what he thinks about these two issues. Finally, in light of the Charleston shooting and the media response to Obama dropping the n-bomb on Marc Maron's podcast, it's clear that we have much further to go. 


L$D (instrumental) - A$AP Rocky (Reproduced by Majestical)

Who you With (instrumental) - Jay-Z

So Hoody - Gucci Mane

Black or White- Michael Jackson


Direct download: rkc022.m4a
Category:comedy -- posted at: 4:24pm EDT

Duane Cooper is an actor who has collaborated many time with me in the past. He was in my thesis film,Getting Dicked, and you can see him in a bunch of sketches I written and directed like this one

Duane is recovering from knee surgery as the ravages of time slowly eat away at his once youthful body. He joined me to talk about acting, watch the Walter Scott video, and we talk about some of the historical roots of racism, or maybe I force the conversation there and he can only helplessly take part due to his incapacitation. 

Check out Duane in the preview for the upcoming horror movie, Seclusion

Direct download: rkc021.m4a
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020 Cut It Out, Angelina Jolie!

In this episode, I talk about cancer and plane crashes because it's all sunshine and lollipops in the spring time! Just kidding, I'm doing fine, hope you are doing well. 

I ramble on about Angelina Jolie and how I think it's irresponsible for her to advocate surgically removing parts using probabilities from a genetic test, when a cure can be right around the corner. They've just started re-engineering viruses to fight cancer! How dare we presume to know what the future of medical technology holds! Ok, that's judgmental. Look you can do what you want, and I won't fault anyone for making an informed choice about her own health, but come on!



Terry- Action Bronson

Let Me Into Your Life- Asha Puthli

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019 All Jazz Era- Jazz Comedy, and Weed

It's Black History Month and what better way to celebrate it then to take a look at one of the greatest contributions to American culture by black people- Jazz.

Ok, to be honest, I know nothing about it. I hardly listen to it. All I did was watch Ken Burns's Jazz, and it blew my mind. Ok, I didn't actually watch all of it, there's a lot of episodes, but I highly recommend everybody at least watch the first episode in order to get a rundown on the roots of jazz and it's affect on our culture. 

I was particularly struck by the philosophy of jazz as a form of individual expression. Jazz comes out of a truth-telling emotionality, freedom of expression inside the boundaries of musical structure. Similarly, comedy has evolved from a superficial punch-setup form to one of raw truth. In this podcast, I ramble on about the connections that I intuited between the two, all stemming from Wynton Marsalis's breakdown of the downbeat in jazz. 

Also, weed.



Jazz (We've Got) - A Tribe Called Quest

Jazz Vol. 1 - Ken Burns

West End Blues - Louis Armstrong

Standup Comedy (1964) - Richard Pryor

The Hippy Dippy Weatherman (1966) - George Carlin

Niggas vs. Police (1974) - Richard Pryor

Bombing Brown People (1992) - George Carlin

"Pops" loves his Pot - Louis Armstrong

When I Get Low, I Get High - Ella Fitzgerald & Chick Webb


Direct download: rkc019.m4a
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018 Death, Jail, or Success w/ Jimmy Son (@thejimmyjuice)

Hello, fellow travelers. It's been some time. I know. I know. But you know what? I quit my job, so I feel great. So great that I 'm inspired to make shit. That's what this year is all about making things with my brain fruit.

I am this episode joined by Jimmy Son, who is a comedian that is looking for some funding, whether it's for his documentary or for his medications, it's all for a good cause. Go visit his GoFundMe page at gofundme.com/jimmyson.  We ate some weed candy and Jimmy continually sparked up massive cones, so that may be why there are some unnecessarily long pauses. Why did I not edit it out? Because that would be lying. The truth can hurt or just be awkward silence. That's life. We sat and talked about Jimmy's shattered basketball dreams, his soul-sucking twelve years in corporate America, and the new trajectory in life in which if he finds success, he will live lavishly, throw big parties, and never show up to any of them. 


Lateralus- Tool

Paid In Full- Eric B and Rakim

Hustler's Ambition- 50 Cent

Turtles All The Way Down- Sturgill Simpson

Direct download: rkc018.m4a
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The Interview was pulled by Sony after being hacked by a group that might be North Koreans who are pissed about Kim Jong Un getting killed in the movie. Either way, a bunch of movie chains and Sony rolled over like little puppies. In this episode I ramble on about North Korea, World War II, and censorship. 

Apologies for the audio quality. I think I might have a loose wire and I should have used a wind screen.


I'm So Ronery- Team America World Police Soundtrack

America, Fuck Yeah- Team America World Police Soundtrack

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016 I Stand Alone w/ Dee Marie (@brownhumor)

This episode, I'm back after a month-long hiatus, which I ramble on about Darren Wilson's grand jury testimony, Bill Cosby's ever-increasing rape allegations, and the demoralizing saga of my continuing purgatory of corporate America.  My guest this episode is comedian Dee Marie. We talk about Dee's start in comedy, a little bit about his process, and then we discuss what it was like growing up in Queens during the 80s and 90s, especially how bullying has changed. 


Bombtrack- Jazz Against The Machine

Silly Love Songs- Paul McCartney

Through The Wire- Kanye West

I Stand Alone- Godsmack

Direct download: rkc016.m4a
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015 Subconscious Creativity w/ Johnny Zito

Johnny Zito met me at Union Square park where we had a great talk about comedy, both standup and improv, screenwriting, and the nature of the creative process. Johnny was the first person to ever book me on a show and he runs a room that has become a staple of the underground of comedy in Brooklyn. I picked his brain because this guy has been around, whatever you do, don't sleep on Johnny Zito. Maybe with him, with his consent, of course, but not on him. 


Hunger Strike- Temple of the Dog

Judy Is A Punk- The Ramones

Vulnerability- Operation Ivy

Blue Monday- Fats Domino

Direct download: rkc015.m4a
Category:general, comedy, film, writing -- posted at: 3:14pm EDT

Brittany joined me this week on the podcast to talk about her decision to leave NYC and go to Dallas for a few months because she realized that the city was making her depressed. I wanted to discuss her relationship with depressin and comedy, but we had a couple of shots and a joint and so there was some meandering. Alos, our tiny bladders were a sefl-regulating mechanism to keep the podcast short. 



Gloomy Sunday- Billie Holliday

Eastbound and Down- Action Bronson

That'll Be The Day- Buddy Holly

Happy Happy Joy Joy- Stinky Whizzleteats

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013 Right Out The Vagina To Korea And Back w/ Sooyah Jun (@Asian_Jew)

Sooyah Jun is like the female East Coast version of me. She joins me on a Saturday afternoon where she was putting in some extra time at her day job without even getting paid like a madwoman. Actualy, that part's not like me at all. I would never do that. We sat in the lunchroom, which looked like the kitchen of a single dad and we talked about how both of our childhoods were affected by neglect and wondered if the Korean War had anything to do with how crazy our parents turned out.



Cocaine Blues- Johnny Cash

Hangover- PSY

I Bombed Korea- Cake

Good Day, Sunshine- The Beatles

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012 Tower Sikhs w/ Narinder Singh (@NarinderSingh)

I sat with Narinder Singh (@NarinderSingh) in a dark rat infested park to talk about the correct pronounciation of "Sikh," Sikh culture and religion, and his experience working at Ground Zero in the days after 9/11.



Prof. Nutterbutter's House of Treats- Primus

Magneto and Titanium Man- Paul McCartney and Wings

Mundian To Bach Ke- Panjabi MC

Illegal Life- Capone N Noreaga

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011 Not In Kansas Anymore w/ Cassidy Kirch (@cassidykirch)

Cassidy and I met at a park with synthetic turf where we discussed Cassidy's aspirations of becoming a marijuana retailer, perhaps using her superb baking skills to start a business. I've been thinking about this forever, maybe this could be the start of something big! We then go on to discuss Kansas City, where Cassidy grew up, and then we get carried away to a hilariously terrifying magical cryogenic utopia filled with antisemetic tramp stamps and crackheads who make eye contact. 


Enter Sandman- Metallica

Fire, Fire- M.I.A.

Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen

Chain Gang- Sam Cooke 

Direct download: rkc011.m4a
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Joe Newman gave up a perfectly good steady job to pursue his dream of becoming a standup comedian. I met up with him to discuss this as well as drugs, his willingness to be banged up the butt in exchange for a career in comedy, and the strange normality of pedophilia in Ancient Greece and Rome.


Don't Bite Your Friends- Yo Gabba Gabba

Beercan- Beck

Fuck Y'all- DMX

Waving My Dick In The Wind- Ween

Direct download: rkc010.m4a
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009 Equestricops- Illustrated by Zach Erwin (@ZachJErwin)

Zach Erwin (@ZachJErwin) joins me to talk about horses, comedy, the coming race war, but mostly horses in this horse-centric podcast. Just kidding we talk about other stuff, too, like equestrian police.


I And I- Bad Brains

New York State Of Mind- Nas

Little Rascals Theme Song

Amazing Horse

Direct download: rkc009.m4a
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I'm joined by Mike Hernandez (@funnyhernandez), Zach Erwin (@ZachJErwin), and Caleb Barge (@calebthoughts) to discuss a softer side to the KKK, tar beach, and Caleb's mom. 

Here are the songs that I used in this episode-

Brass Monkey- The Beastie Boys

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme - DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

Ya Mama- The Pharcyde

Mother- Danzig

Direct download: rkc008.m4a
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007 Choked By Tiny Hands

Luice Steiner (@thesteinbag) joins me to discuss rape, murder, horror movies, and her predilection for being choked by children. Caleb Barge (@calebthoughts) joins me for the introduction.

Direct download: rkc007.m4a
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Bill Hicks opens this episode with a message that warms the cockles of my soul. I'm on my lunch break and I reflect on how I'm helping to destroy civilization, or at least making them fatter, especially with the worst restaurant chain in America.

I also rambled unintelligably about IS and wonder if I'm any different. The answer is yes.

Direct download: rkc006.m4a
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Rogin explores the connection between women's suffrage, prohibition, and the drug war. It's tru what they say, freedom ain't free.

feminism, equality, the road, suffrage, prohibition, alcohol, police, scofflaw, anti-immigration, ken burns, war on drugs, marijuana, yellow journalism, Hearst, DuPont   

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004 The Sexual Awakening of Superman


sex, virgin, comics, storytelling, superman, batman, man of steel, zach snyder, bryan singer, superman returns, kryptonite, richard donner, virgin, thor, transgender

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003 The Politics with Caleb Barge

Caleb Barge (@calebthoughts) joins me for a stroll down the dark side. Check out his podcast!

wtf, podcasts, narcissism, marc maron, suicide, ramen, drugs, mushrooms, candyflipping, hippyflipping, jediflipping, lemon tek, boring, open mics, laughing buddha, yohei kawamata, columbine, pranks, fake stabbing, school shootings, open mics, anunaki, sitchin, slavery, mount rushmore, lincoln, civil war, shadows of power, council of foreign relations, illuminati, politics, prison industrial complex, segregation, south american, economic hitmen, kennedy assassination, gulf of tonkin, military industrial complex, business fuckers, eisenhower farewell address, why we fight, jeaque fresco, robots, communist utopia, cats, women, gentleman rapist, racism, patrice o'neal

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